Barka Med

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  • Area Type : Restaurant Bar And Lounge 
  • Cost Range: 700 - 900 per guest
    • No Valet Service
    • Serves Multicusines
    • Outside Caterers Not Allowed
    • No Wifi Available
    • Liquor Allowed
    • Air Cooling System
    • Serves Non-Veg
    • Loud Music Friendly
  • #150 Max Capacity
  • #0Packages
  • Very Good User RatingYOUR RATING
  • ARKA MED is Spread over four floors plus a terrace (an enormous 7000 Sq ft) the spaciousness and luxuriousness of Barka Med is par excellence. The "all white terrace" is reminiscent of the sprawling spaces and gazebos of Greece. The VIP and Lounge area reflects Turkish and Moroccan design elements. The dining area with its large frames and use of unpolished wood represent the raw earthiness of eastern European decor. The food menu has been designed keeping in the mind the use of fresh produce and herbs in the Med region, and are used liberally in Barka’s kitchen that dishes out mouth-watering items such as turkish kebab platters, salads, thin crust pizzas, spiced grilled basa fish and many varieties of mezze. The music system is digitised and has superior sound quality and has been customised and flown in from Spain. All this dovetails perfectly to make BARKA MED the snazziest addition to the city's gourmet food and nightlife landscape! 
  • Barka Med, Restaurant Bar And Lounge, Restaurant Fine Dining Restaurant Bar And Lounge, Restaurant Fine Dining 
  • Barka Med, Delhi phone number Dial [01145567777] to connect to the venue 
  • M-51, M Block Market, Greater Kailash 2, Delhi    
  • Barka Med, Delhi website 


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