Café Ludus

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  • Area Type : Restaurant Fine Dining 
  • Cost Range: 700 - 900 per guest
    • No Valet Service
    • Does'nt Serve Multicusines
    • Outside Caterers Not Allowed
    • No Wifi Available
    • Liquor Allowed
    • Air Cooling System
    • Serves Non-Veg
    • Loud Music Friendly
  • #150 Max Capacity
  • #1Packages
  • Very Good User RatingYOUR RATING
  • Café Ludus, located in MGF Mall, Saket offers exclusivity in terms of ambience, food and drinks with a focus on creating a café which captures the nostalgia of school life and reinventing how Delhi looks at food and beverage. The café has been divided into various elements along the lines of a laboratory, a library, a cafeteria and an amphitheatre. The interiors manifest themselves boldly with the soft balance of metal and wood. The outdoor area is reminiscent of a Greek courtyard with white drapes and wooden bleachers, waiting in anticipation for the session to begin. 
  • Café Ludus, Restaurant Fine Dining Restaurant Fine Dining 
  • Café Ludus, Delhi phone number Dial [0000000000] to connect to the venue 
  • MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket, Delhi    
  • Café Ludus, Delhi website 


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