Light House 13

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  • Area Type : Restaurant Fine Dining 
  • Cost Range: 700 - 900 per guest
    • No Valet Service
    • Does'nt Serve Multicusines
    • Outside Caterers Not Allowed
    • No Wifi Available
    • Liquor Allowed
    • Air Cooling System
    • Serves Non-Veg
    • Loud Music Friendly
  • #150 Max Capacity
  • #3Packages
  • Very Good User RatingYOUR RATING
  • Lighthouse 13 (terrace, bar and lounge) serves sumptuous Indian,Italian and Mediterranean cuisines under one roof. People are known do many things to attain enlightenment –meditate for long periods in total solitude, join a religious order, spend years following a strict regime, etc. But what if you can do something far more simple, and enjoyable to see the light? The city has a Watering Hole that attempts to answer this question – Lighthouse 13. In here you can breathe in the light, and breathe out pure bliss. And once you are here, you might even realize the true purpose of life – to EAT, DRINK and BE MERRY. 
  • Light House 13, Restaurant Fine Dining Restaurant Fine Dining 
  • Light House 13, Delhi phone number Dial [01146541913] to connect to the venue 
  • 1st Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket, Delhi    
  • Light House 13, Delhi website 


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